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Kingdom Hearts II community

.....the end was just only the beginning!

Kingdom Hearts II
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Place where you can discuss about the upcoming game/sequel Kingdom Hearts II. Talk about rumors, facts, hints/cheats(when the game is actually out), share thoughts, quizes, and more!

1//Don’t discriminate. It's a very disgusting thing to practice.

2//Please don’t advertise communities of the exact same nature. What’s the point of have this one when it’s just used for advertising for others that are the same?

3//Respect each others' opinions. We all are different, and it's stupid to hate each other for our differences.

4//Please keep profanity at a minimum, this is after all about a game that is associated with Disney.

5//If there are any pictures or icons posted, if there is more that one picture please put it behind a lj-cut. It’s ok to leave one pic out of the lj-cut (with icons, 3) but put the rest behind the cut.

If these rules are violated in anyway you’ll either be:

*Asked to fix the entry, be fixed by a mod, or will be deleted. *Contacted by a mod. *Removed from the comm (this is a last resort).

This is a growing community so the rules and info are subject to change. If you have questions, have comments, love letters, or don't like the way something is done, please e-mail lashe at ashe.fallen@gmail.com.

This community was created by lashe and now sumi.